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Published Nov 18, 22
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The Best Wireless Chargers For Your Android Or Iphone In 2022

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The SIIG 10-Port USB Station has a simple aesthetic with an integrated night light. Credit: David Wise The , , or the are fairly run-of-the-mill when it comes to appearance but still decently stylish. These chargers all have clear plastic dividers, putting the visual focus on your devices and not the charger itself.

However, we did appreciate that the , the , and the at least are offered in a few color options to better match your current decor and preferences. The Apple Mag, Safe pairs perfectly with other Apple products. Credit: David Wise The is also very stylish, with a matching white and silver look to go along with many other Apple products.

When cutting clutter on your work desk and charging area at home, creating your own charging station might not be the first thing to pop into your mind. But believe it or not, creating one isn't too difficult. In this article, you'll discover 10 clever and unique charging station ideas that you can craft easily.

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A Charging Station for the Whole Family If you've got multiple connected devices in your household, you can easily eliminate this mess by turning a shoebox into a charging dock for the entire family. Decorate it to your liking, and cut out holes for USB charging cables on the front and another hole on the lower corner of one end of the shoebox for the power strip cable.

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Alternatively, you can use a wooden box. But instead of having the cable holes on the front, drill them into the bottom for a cleaner look. 2. His and Hers Charging Station This his and hers DIY charging station is a sure way to cut cable clutter and get your spouse to stop moving your charger from one power outlet to another.

You can even create your DIY letter tray. So, you can get one that tickles your fancy (or is big enough to hold your gadgets while they charge). 5. Wooden Charging Station Add rustic vibes to your desk or charging area with this wooden charging station. Find a wooden box (these are pretty much everywhere, and you can pick any design you love).

Put your power strip in the box, plug in the chargers, and place a wood shelf with holes to hold your devices while they charge. Close the lid whenever your devices are charging, and messy cables will never be a concern again. Related: Creative and Low-Budget PC Cases to Make This Summer 6.

Then, decorate the box to complement your kitchen décor. You can use paint, shelf liners, or even just a quote. Add a shelf to create more room for the charging devices. 8. Picture Frame Phone Charging Station This inexpensive DIY hack turns an ordinary picture frame into not only a charging station, but also a functional device holder perfect for watching as you cook or do the dishes.

The Best Wireless Chargers For Your Android Or Iphone In 2022

Fit a thick cardboard piece in the frames, and cut holes for your charging cords on both the cardboard and frame’s backing. Stick two pieces of trim along and across the width of the frame, and voila! You’ll have a fully functional charging station and device holder. Even better, they'll cost close to nothing—compared to what you’d have paid for an accessory with similar features.

Cell phone charging stations are a great way to clean up the mess of cables in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or wherever you typically charge all of your devices. This is a great system to keep the entire family's devices charged and accounted for. With shorter cables and a unified charging system separated by dividers, you can simultaneously charge everything while remaining organized.

Powstick Charging Station With six charging spots available and a sleek design, this charging station from Powstick is a must for every household. Not only that, but it's available at an unbeatable price. NEXGADGET Charging Station This large charging station contains a total of 8 cables: 4 Lightning cables, 2 USB-C, and 2 micro USB cables to ensure everyone in the family can charge their devices.

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CUCICU Apple Products Charging Station This charging station from CUCICU is built for Apple products and has a three-in-one design that's perfect for charging your i, Phone, Apple Watch, and Air, Pods all at once..



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